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Acceptance is the exercising of positive choice to accept the things in life that we cannot change, without causing ourselves unhappiness. Many people only see life as winning or losing, so if on average you lose a lot you will feel pretty bad.
To me this idea seems like seeing life in only black and white - without colour, how drab and sad!
Acceptance is the soft colour in our lives.
Acceptance is the loving of someone as they really are - warts and all!
You can offer positive influence, and example, but if that is ignored then your choices under win/lose are pretty narrow. You can reject them or embrace them, or worse destroy your happiness trying to change them!
Accept responsibility for yourself, your actions, the resultant consequences of those actions and of everything that happens to you.

You are Amazing - Accept Yourself!
From The Little Red Success Book
Copyright 1994
Posted on 24 November 2016 by Terrie Anderson