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Team Terrie - Acceptance Acceptance is the exercising of positive choice to accept the things in life that we cannot change, without causing ourselves unhappiness. Many people only see life as winning or losing, so if on average you lose a lot you will feel pretty bad.
To me this idea seems like seeing life in only black and white - without colour, how drab and sad!
Acceptance is the soft colour in our lives.
Acceptance is the loving of someone as they really are - warts and all!
You can offer positive influence, and example, but if that is ignored then your choices under win/lose are pretty narrow. You can reject them or embrace them, or worse destroy your happiness trying to change them!
Accept responsibility for yourself, your actions, the resultant consequences of those actions and of everything that happens to you.

You are Amazing - Accept Yourself!
From The Little Red Success Book
Copyright 1994
Life's Mosquitoes
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Team Terrie - Life's Mosquitoes Life’s mosquitoes are all the little bugs that occur everyday to distract and annoy us. There is a great expression that I refer to often ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’ I do not know who originally said it, but it is even the title of a book by Richard Carlson, PhD, and also many articles.

If you truly want a happier life, then do not worry or get annoyed about the myriad of small annoyances that lie there in wait for us everyday.

The bus is late. Your watch is slow. The toothpaste is squeezed from the top. The person next to you in the movies is a leg jiggler. Bad Manners. People ignoring my rights on the road. People honking their horn. Inconsiderate drivers like tailgaters. Kids not cleaning up their mess. Receiving chain emails. Someone playing music you do not like. People who promise and then do not deliver. Commercial breaks at critical points in a movie. People throwing cigarette butts on the ground. The sound of chainsaws.

All those small things listed above are just a tiny example of what bugs people. We are all different but we get bugged pretty easily, and that negative injection can turn a whole day into crap! I have seen relationships break over stupid, small things for people who otherwise were ...
Fear - Understand It and Defeat It!
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Team Terrie - Fear - Understand It and Defeat It! To understand and accept fear, we must first embrace the concept that we experience fear because we are in our ego.

Most fear, or fear disguised and justified as ‘worry’ will never actualise, it just will not happen.

If the feared outcome does happen then it will happen, its is what it is! There is likely little you can do to change the outcome unless the fear is about your personal safety or health and you have been remiss in taking appropriate steps to alleviate the risk.

Understand fear is mostly thoughts of the unknown, or possible consequences or events that may, or may not, ever take place. Once an event actually occurs, that fear is usually no longer present. If fear is present after the feared event has occurred, it is further thoughts of the unknown or possible further related events, in other words new fears.

Accept that these are only thoughts, fear is not usually reality. Learn to control these thoughts with unemotional detachment. Reflection is an important tool to achieve this detachment. Take your fears, imagine them to be a small movie and play them through to their possible conclusions. Now you will be able to see what the fear really looks like, and you can begin to take control of yourself and ...
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