Reputation Wins Customers
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Team Terrie - Reputation Wins Customers Definition: 'A Sales Legend is a sales person who stands above the rest. He or She will likely enjoy a great lifestyle, earn more and be less stressed than the rest. They will win, win and win again. They will be loved and recommended by customers. They are virtual team leaders, and well supported. They do not miss quota'

The Sales Legend is always working on personal, and business, networks to be truly connected.

On the business level they will be incisive in knowing who really matters, no matter what level they are in society, the workplace, or demographically.

They are great listeners, yet only speak of things that interest their audiences. They inspire people with passion, energy and personal charisma. They will hear the rumbles of the underground but never engage in idle gossip. They often enjoy a good sense of humour and demonstrate high levels of tolerance. They are trusted by their company and their clients. They will protect and grow their reputation, even taking it as far as building a personal brand.

A Sales Legend knows that who they are, and who they are perceived to be, will dictate the level of access they can enjoy and the doors that are open to them. Your reputation often precedes you, ...
Do Not Accept Less Than Happiness
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Most people cannot believe that a person can be really happy.

Even less people believe that you can be both happy and successful.

Many think that to be successful means you must give up happiness!

A situation we see often, happened again just a few nights ago.

A friend and her Mum were enjoying a glass of wine with us in our home. Later in the conversation, my partner Rudy commented to my friend that he knew she had been unhappy in her situation for a long time, and he wondered why she didn’t do something about it.

She said she didn’t really know why, maybe it was just habit and acceptance now after ten long years.

She lives in a place she does not like at all, she is unhappy in her relationship and has some added problems recently.

Rudy said 'you hate where you live, you are not happy with your relationship and it is unlikely to change, you are a lovely person so why not take the opportunity to go and be really happy.'

Her response was ‘ Noone is really happy though, it is a bit unrealistic to expect real happiness isn’t it?’

Rudy said ‘I am happy!’

I said ‘I am happy!’

She laughed a little, and then said ‘ Oh don’t give me any of your ...
Life's Mosquitoes
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Team Terrie - Life's Mosquitoes Life’s mosquitoes are all the little bugs that occur everyday to distract and annoy us. There is a great expression that I refer to often ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’ I do not know who originally said it, but it is even the title of a book by Richard Carlson, PhD, and also many articles.

If you truly want a happier life, then do not worry or get annoyed about the myriad of small annoyances that lie there in wait for us everyday.

The bus is late. Your watch is slow. The toothpaste is squeezed from the top. The person next to you in the movies is a leg jiggler. Bad Manners. People ignoring my rights on the road. People honking their horn. Inconsiderate drivers like tailgaters. Kids not cleaning up their mess. Receiving chain emails. Someone playing music you do not like. People who promise and then do not deliver. Commercial breaks at critical points in a movie. People throwing cigarette butts on the ground. The sound of chainsaws.

All those small things listed above are just a tiny example of what bugs people. We are all different but we get bugged pretty easily, and that negative injection can turn a whole day into crap! I have seen relationships break over stupid, small things for people who otherwise were ...
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