Communication is the Enemy of Conflict.
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Team Terrie - Communication is the Enemy of Conflict. Wars are raging all around us. Political battles fought daily in the work place, in government and in our family circle. The symptoms are many – jealousy, personal infringements and one upmanship are common, but mostly it is a turf war – a war over territory, whether that is physical territory such as a piece of ground or metaphysical territory . We see this everywhere - in the workplace, social environments, interdepartmental issues and of course between Nations. It is about trying to receive more – more sovereignty, more attention and accolades, more recognition and rewards. It is about a belief in an individuals superiority over others, because of a certain ideology or ability. It is about greed and above all misunderstanding.

We see conflict over religion, thousands of people die for a ‘cause’ just because we are different in our beliefs and cultures, and we cannot, or do not, communicate this in a respectful and meaningful way. We fail to make the human connections necessary for creating tolerance and understanding.

If we learn to take just a few moments more to understand the position of an adversary, then we may be able to find less harmful ways to settle disputes. We so often jump to conclusions, or even ...
What Are They Like Over There?
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Team Terrie - What Are They Like Over There? As I am a traveller, I am often asked by people 'What are the people like, in this place or that place?'
My answer is always a simple one ' How do you find the people where you are now?'
The truth is - how you find the people where you are right now, is how you will find the people everywhere else!
'Lasting Success and happiness comes mostly from within and goes with you wherever you go, whenever you go' Terrie Anderson The Little Red Success Book
Happiness we carry within us, it's very portable and light. Unfortunately other emotions like misery, frustration, fear, impatience and intolerance are also very portable, although not so light to carry. (Hard to walk with a spring in your step and a song in your heart with a heavy emotional load).
Generally speaking, if you find the people where you are now are warm, friendly, helpful, trustworthy and fun - then that is exactly how you will find them wherever you go ( with some cultural differences of course).
Similarly, if where you are now you find the people anti-social, unfriendly, rude and unhelpful - then that’s what you are likely to find anywhere else you go.
We reflect our inner selves in the people we meet - everywhere, ...
Motivate Yourself by Encouraging Your Friends
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Team Terrie - Motivate Yourself by Encouraging Your Friends Sometimes we sit and listen to a friends ideas, or a new business they have started, or a goal or dream they have. We want to help them, so we usually start by ensuring they understand all the pitfalls that they may face, and the challenges that may stifle them. We want to protect them and help them, right?

Well, actually I would like to ask you to try something a little different...... Try just a 'Wow, thats great news, or a great idea, or a great vision to have!' 'What can I do to help you?'

In fact, they have likely researched their idea and understand the challenges. Perhaps it is just a seedling of an idea and they are airing it for the first time. Be positive, give them the gift of enthusiasm and support.

What if you think their idea is insane, crazy or a huge risk? Well, first imagine you were Bill Gates friend all those years ago....imagine if he told you he was going to be the dominant operating system for pcs...what would you have said? For a man that we are told did not complete his tertiary education, to dominate the PC world from a backyard idea....perhaps we would have thought he was crazy. He did it!

If you are really concerned for them, then after ( and only after) you make some ...
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