Retain and Attract Customers in 2012
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Team Terrie - Retain and Attract Customers in 2012 I have noticed a scary decline in the level of customer service offered around the globe, in most businesses, in the past few years. Seems the tighter the economy, the less emphasis was placed on what should have been the critical element for sustainable success – retaining and attracting customers!
Many, particularly large, businesses have spent a fortune on new systems to automate the customer experience in the false belief that it would make us happier. Some organisations even go as far as putting a PR campaign around what they think is a customer service commitment, yet their customers are all complaining and unhappy – they are losing market share. ‘How can this be? We are doing such a great job!'
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Well, it is time for large organisation CEOs to come out in the daylight, where happy mushrooms do not abound but customers lurk waiting to express their discontent. I am the leader of a large region and I sure don’t have the time to press endless buttons selecting an automated menu on a phone, I want to speak to someone who can help me, speak to me and listen well and preferably someone who will take responsibility for my need as a customer.
Yesterday, trying to communicate with an insurance company, ...
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