Australia - Still Lucky but Not Happy!
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Team Terrie - Australia - Still Lucky but Not Happy! In November 2013, it was announced that Australia's usage of prescriptive antidepressants was second highest in the world. From 2000 to 2011 it was reported that our use of these products increased a staggering 95%.
What has happened?
We were considered the lucky country, a place where there was minimal social casting. Someone born to the poorest financial circumstances could rise, with hard work and determination, to the top. I remember, we were pretty happy as kids. Our parents were unafraid to let us go out and play, to discover our place in the community. Some of us caused some trouble, some of us found more useful things to do.
We walked to school, we walked to sport, we hung out without supervisors constantly hovering, and few bureaucratic signs preventing ...
Building Rewarding Relationships
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Team Terrie - Building Rewarding Relationships Regardless of how good we think we are, we are not islands, especially in our business lives. It may be possible to survive quite happily as a hermit (almost) if we are independently wealthy, or self sufficient with no need to work. If that is the case, you will probably never read this anyway!
Most of us, have to or want to, work. We want to get ahead, have a better quality and happier life. We want to provide for our families, and enjoy our friends. To do this we need to effectively interact with others, both socially and professionally.

Quality, lasting relationships come from a few consistent values. Without these values, we can only enjoy temporary relationships, with no intrinsic value. They may be based upon us having a powerful position, and others needing to please us, but ...
Team Terrie - Talking, talking, talking – but no one is listening! Everywhere I go, I see people are talking, talking, talking – but no one is listening!
No, we are not all mad, it just seems we have forgotten the art of being able to listen actively and attentively. Who knows you might even learn something!
The greatest communication skill you can possess, the one that will make you more popular than anything else, is being a good listener. I am often challenged that surely it is the great story teller who is the communicator, but I am able to confidently share with you that whilst story telling is an art in itself, being an attentive listener is so rare that people will gravitate to you.
Does this mean you have to be bored off your brain, whilst someone rambles on about something you are not interested in? No! It does however mean that if you ...
Leadership principles - Kill blame Culture
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Team Terrie - Leadership principles - Kill blame Culture Truly Great Leaders expect maximum productivity from everyone!

In High Performance Teams absenteeism is very low, productivity is high, and people are busy doing what they should be doing to contribute - they are entirely relaxed about the leader and see him or her as part of the team, rather than the Commander.

Dictatorial leadership, or assuming the role of the Commander, usually leads to development of a blame culture. A blame culture is where your team is so busy engaged in guerilla tactics to survive, that they do not perform anywhere near their capacity.

The organization still runs, but often key members spend more than 60% of their time on protection tasks such as internal presentations; being seen at the right meetings, places and events; worrying about what they think ...
Focus Minimises Stress Levels
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Team Terrie - Focus Minimises Stress Levels Sales Legends are incredibly focussed. Not just on winning the deal but on exploring new business within the client, thus simultaneously developing their future and enhancing the client relationship. They are also appropriately focussed on their personal affairs, thus living a relatively well organised and stress minimised life.

Again, we need to take a holistic view of focus to ensure a good life balance for the busy sales executive. To maximise effectiveness everywhere in your life, you need to be focussed on what is important at that moment in time. You need a clear vision and understanding that your priorities are in the right order, and that they take place of focus at the appropriate time. Simply put – when at work focus on work, when at sport focus on the sport, when at home ...
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