IRT Analyst or Board Members RoundTable
Team Terrie - Analyst or Board Members RoundTable This is a presentation that outlines the History and Principles of Transformational Leadership, the effect of their application in general, and then we Guide a Discussion through the potential impact of applying them to an organization, specifically named or generic.

Normally this should be a one day session, however it can be given in an abridged half day if necessary.

The value of this is exceptional, as it can change the nature or direction of an organization.

Board Members can gain insights into the type of Leader they wish to recruit.

Analysts can assess the likely outcome of a new CEO or key executive appointment.

This is a Set Fee of 5,000 usd plus travel expenses.

We offer this Roundtable in almost any worldwide location, however at this time it is only available in English language ( some other languages may have partial support).
IFW Full and Intensive 5 Day In House Leaders Workshop.
Team Terrie - Full and Intensive 5 Day In House Leaders Workshop. The Essence of Truly Great Leadership is an intensive, fast paced and results guaranteed coaching workshop in Rational Transformational Leadership.

May be Conducted as one 5 day program, or broken into a 3+2 Day program

Recommended for Leadership Groups such the CEO and Management Team.

Full 12 Principles of Transformational Leadership, explained , discussed and emphasized in workshops.

In Addition the Full Course covers In Depth Coaching in some overarching Transformational Principle enhancers such as:

Understanding the Variations and Subtleties of Transformational Leadership

-Communication Styles
-Social Networking
-Building Appropriate Leadership Profiles
-At Ease with the Masses
-Inspiring the Media

This is an highly interactive coaching workshop and a powerful learning experience that can extend well beyond the work environment. Discussion, and Questions, are encouraged to further develop the principles and concepts learnt.

In line with Principle 8 (The 3S Principle) This experience is minimal powerpoint, maximum interaction.

This also includes preliminary telephone interviews with a number of key employees, whose selection is agreed by Our Coach and the Organization.

There are 3 follow up sessions held with the team, the final of these is a full day inhouse and the other 2 are by teleconference. These session dates are prebooked prior to the start of the course to ensure 100% attendance.

In addition we ask each Delegate to bring their key performance metrics to the first day of the workshop, to benchmark and report results against.

Mentoring support is also available, for additional cost, at any time. This gives a chance for delegates to refresh points, or seek coaching on application found insitu.

After the final session, a short report is submitted on performance and behavioural changes noted.

We offer this course in almost any worldwide location, however at this time it is only available in English language ( some other languages may have partial support). Please contact us for Information on Pricing and Terms
ICNR Intensive Coaching for Newly Recruited Leaders
Team Terrie - Intensive Coaching for Newly Recruited Leaders This program is specifically tailored to meet the individual situation, but is recommended as a Five Day one-on-one intensive coaching. Then there is a follow up mentoring module which is normally one day, or evening, every six weeks for 42 weeks, plus telephone and email support at any time.

As each situation is specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual and the Board, there is not a set package but a tailored solution. This is far less than the price of the initial recruitment and is the most effective coaching a new CEO could possibly have, presented in a flexible, discreet schedule that does not interfere with the business.

After the scope is defined, we conduct an initial interview with the individual CxO that may take place in an evening, or daytime, but is essentially conducted prior to the start of the course.

To obtain an evaluation of Scope and a Coaching Proposal required please contact us.

We offer this Coaching in almost any worldwide location, however at this time it is only available in English language ( some other languages may have partial support ).
KNA KeyNote Addresses and Speaking Engagements
Team Terrie - KeyNote Addresses and Speaking Engagements Terrie Anderson will accept a limited number of speaking engagements every year, normally this is fee based. However, in some circumstances, we will consider waiving fees.

Terrie is a dynamic and passionate speaker that will engage any audience quickly. You will be required to provide a full audience profile so that content can be appropriately tailored.

Based on the 3S principle, we minimize the use of Power Point!

Dependant upon the audience and topics, other speakers are also available.

We specialise in the Following Subject Areas:

- Transformational Leadership
- Achieving Goals
- Building High Performance Teams
- Inspirational Leadership for Young People ( Graduates etc)

If your topic falls within this area, we are happy to tailor a presentation specifically and exclusively for you. Please contact us.
IPC Personal Coaching and Mentoring
Team Terrie - Personal Coaching and Mentoring Personal Coaching and Mentoring Services are available in:

- Transformational Leadership
- Realising Personal Potential
- Building High Performance Teams
- Solving Sales Issues, including Art of Qualifying
- Strategic and Long Cycle Sales

Coaching can be done in person, or by phone/online, or a combination.
Prices upon Request. Please contact us